A   T A S T E   O F   F A S H I O N

Colours inspired by Pantone’s top fashion colours for SS17 combine with traditional woven textile design techniques to create this dramatic wall of colour. This bespoke commission for Harbour & Jones uses bitesize segments of colour that take their reference from the idea of the classic canapé. Translated into fabric swatches and multiplied by the thousands, each ‘colour canapé’ becomes a unit, almost acting as a pixel, with each one linking to those around it to form the part of the piece as a whole. Singularly and isolated they are squares of fabric, together they are the pattern and the whole.


Designed in the same way as a traditional woven fabric, the piece uses a classic twill structure on a point set up to create the dramatic zig-zag patterns, with the colours blending into each other to create a sense of movement and transition. Subtly moving as it responds to movement in its environment, the piece has both an ethereal and bold feel to it.

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