A S H U R B A N I P A L ;   T H E   L A S T
G R E A T   K I N G   O F   A S S Y R I A

Something is rotten in Ashurbanipal’s court. A civil war rages: brother against brother, Assyria against Babylon. The king’s ministers plot to control his decisions, while the royal family unravels from the inside.

Who will emerge from the chaos to control the greatest empire the region has ever known? And can we ever know the full story?

Enter a world where it is up to you to piece together the truth from the fragments. Walk the corridors of power at the heart of an empire which stretched from Egypt to Iran. Decipher the true meanings of omens which will shape the fate of thousands. Be the eyes and ears of the king’s spymaster.


Choose whose truth you believe, but beware - in the polarised world of Assyria’s court, you may not be in command of all the facts.

Directed: Justin Murray

Set & Costume Design: George Chaffey

Lighting Design: Hakan Hafizoglu

Photographs: Rishi Kris Rai

Ashurbanipal - 1
Ashurbanipal - 2
Ashurbanipal - 3
Ashurbanipal - 4
Ashurbanipal - 5
Ashurbanipal - 6
Ashurbanipal - 7
Ashurbanipal - 8
Ashurbanipal - 9
Ashurbanipal - 10
Ashurbanipal - 11
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