By 1780, the East India Company had transformed Calcutta into a small English city. Musicians travelled from London to India, bringing the music of Corelli and Handel with them. Others played their harpsichords with local groups of Indian classical musicians, and transcribed Indian music into European notation.

Explore music from the streets and soirées of a young Calcutta, where performers wound melodies from many cultures into their own traditions. Ensemble Tempus Fugit melds this unusual combination of period music and Indian song with shadow puppetry, dance and drama to tell a story of a traveller making his way to the musical heart of the City of Palaces.

Directed: Francesca Bridge-Cicic

Production Design: George Chaffey

Musical Direction: Katie De La Matter

Calcutta - 11
Calcutta - 10
Calcutta - 9
Calcutta - 8
Calcutta - 7
Calcutta - 5
Calcutta - 3
Calcutta - 6
Calcutta - 4
Calcutta - 1
Calcutta - 2
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