I N   A   T I M E   L A P S E

Music and Art are all around us, but engage with very different senses? Can one inform the other? What would that look like? For this project I researched various artists and ideas about visual interpretations of music. I used various mediums to explore the topic from painting, through to stop motion animation and film work, before trying to create my own theory of visual music. I took inspiration from artists such as Kevin Laycock, Stella Hidden and Kandinsky. Throughout the project I used music from the album 'In A Time Lapse' by Ludovico Einaudi as the basis for my responses.


Whilst experimenting on the project I had a crazy idea about trying to use a piano in some way as the music was written mainly for piano, and in the end I managed to acquire a 2nd hand upright piano which I then used to print the music. Using the piece 'Experience' by Einaudi, I created four separate panels, each representing a separate chord found within the piece; F#, A, C# and D. The colours are inspired by a sunset, the image created by the piece of music, as well as my visual theory.

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