M I N I O N S   C O L L E C T I V E

134 Foundation Fashion & Textiles students participated in a Minions inspired project set by Universal Pictures. 20 students were then selected to continue working on the project, each producing a garment that was worn for an immersive fashion event hosted at Central Saint Martins.


When I think of Minions, it is their love of bananas that always make me laugh and I wanted to use this idea as the basis for my print.  I wanted to find a subtle way of incorporating them into my ideas that was fun as this is an integral part of a minion. I initially experimented with hand cut paper samples taking, taking inspiration from the shape of the banana itself, along with carnivals such as those in Rio and Notting Hill. I then focused more on the banana aspect, and went back to my love of geometry and layering, and using laser cut paper, began to experiment by building up different layers and colours. The look of the minions is very distinct and I have used this as inspiration for the colours of my prints.  My final print was then translated onto fabric using screen printing, which was then used in conjunction with laser cut acrylic to create the final garment. The combination of a tailored suit paired with the acrylic banana T-shirt plays on the minion's mischievous and unexpected nature.


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