R I C H A R D  I I I

Old bones ache before a storm. Within an hour trowel had hit bone, and the moment it did, the thunder rolled in. The archaeologists disturbed something that, frankly, should not have been disturbed. Poor, poor Richard. Awoken, removed from his resting place, comfortably under concrete. Now he must endlessly observe the events leading to his gruesome death. Knights, halberds, succession, and horrendous violence. A carpark, yellow hard hats, high vis jackets and archaeologists. 

Directed: Lata Nobes

Set & Lighting Design: George Chaffey

Costume Design: Hannah Farquhar--Snaith


Richard III - 2
Richard III - 3
Richard III - 4
Richard III - 5
Richard III - 6
Richard III - 7
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